About The Breed! 

The dedication and hard work of many individuals in each state helped the Tenterfield, or 'Tentie" as they are affectionately known, to become recognised and the breed is now part of the 'official' dog world. A true terrier, he is a strong, active, agile working dog. The Tenterfield is at home either hunting larger vermin on the land, hunting smaller vermin around the home and property, or curled up on a loving knee in front of the fire. Confident, with an eagerness to learn, he shows great loyalty to his owner and although bold and fearless at work, the Tenterfield gets on well with both children and the elderly. Tenties are now to be seen in the show ring, competing in agility, endurance and earth dog trials and many other environments. Developed in Australia, he can now claim to be a 'True Aussie' and a great mate!

About The Club! 

We are an affiliated breed club with the Canine Control Council of Queensland (CCC(Q)). As well as holding regular Championship and Open Shows we also arrange and take part in shows, lure coursing, agility and earth dog trials.

As a club we also hold a number of social gathering a year including a Christmas party.  We welcome all types of members ranging from dedicated breeders to loving pet owners. 


                 Conformation                                          Earth Dog                                           Agility                                               Christmas 


2018 Specialty Show


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